Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Best Practice Academy

We are delighted to say that we are an Oasis Best Practice Academy!

OCL promotes effective, evidence-based practice across the group. We believe that leaders should, first and foremost, be empowered to innovate in the best interests of their students and communities. Whilst each Oasis academy is unique, all our leaders are driven by a shared and empowering vision to provide...

“Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community”.

This vision provides a touchstone for all that we do as a Trust. In order to provide our leaders with the best opportunities, we also have in place - and are continuing to develop – certain core design principles and systems that harness best practice and garner expertise and talent.

The OCL Best Practice Directory, made of Best Practice Academies, is the basis of how we develop school-to-school support across our multi-academy trust. It is fundamental to how we manage change and maintain the cultural ownership of a constantly changing organisation that prides itself on innovation and raising standards.

We are best practice academies for our Inclusion and SEND education. In the video below you will see more about what goes on at Long Cross and how we work towards helping every child reach their potential. 

Find out more about Long Cross and what makes us exemplary