Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Meet the Staff

We would like to introduce you to our Long Cross family

Academy Leadership Team

Karen Sheppard Principal
Fay Bawden Deputy Principal
Rebecca Rollings Deputy Principal Leading Resource Base
Chris Potter Assistant Principal (Curriculum & Behaviour) & Year 6 Teacher
Alison Betts Assistant Principal (Inclusion)
Jess Lewsley Assistant Principal (English)
Tim Bray Business Manager
Rachel Barry SENCO

Teaching Staff

Alison Lake Nursery Teacher & Nursery Lead
Tina Pang Nursery Teacher
Emma Matthews 2 Year Old Provision Lead
Sylwia Luczyszyn 2 Year Old Provision Lead
Tom Peters Resource Base Teacher
Ellie Harding Resource Base Teacher
Tom Morris Resource Base Teacher
Julia Wilkinson Resource Base Teacher
Sophie White Resource Base Teacher
Sarah Jukes Reception Teacher & DT Lead
Amy Vaughan Reception Teacher
Kate Smith Reception Teacher
Ellie Pennell Class Teacher - Year 1
Jess Lewsley Class Teacher - Year 1 & Assistant Principal
Harriet Dawson Class Teacher - Year 2
Amy Greenman-Sparrow Class Teacher - Year 2 & Computing Lead
Maria Abbott Class Teacher - Year 3
Rachel Barry Class Teacher - Year 3 & SENCO
Vicky Newby Class Teacher - Year 3 & RE Lead
Rachel Chevassut Class Teacher - Year 4
Chloe Mansell

Class Teacher - Year 4

Alicja Mackiewicz Class Teacher - Year 5 & Science Lead
Sarah Partington Class Teacher - Year 6
Chris Potter Class Teacher - Year 6 & Assistant Principal
Lisa Blythe Class Teacher - Year 6
Annika Baines Class Teacher - Year 6 & History Lead
Jill Thomas PPA Cover Teacher

Academy Support Staff

Tim Bray Academy Business Manager
Sue Saunders Office Manager
Leah Laity 2yr old Provision Practitioner
Kara Inker 2yr old Provision Practitioner
Chanel Miles 2yr old Provision Practitioner
Jayne Kodola Teaching Assistant Nursery
Terri McGill Teaching Assistant Nursery
Kayleigh Slavern Teaching Assistant Nursery
Ali Henley Teaching Assistant - Resource Base
Anna Blanchard Teaching Assistant - Resource Base
Becky Parker Teaching Assistant - Resource Base
Steph Weeks Teaching Assistant - Resource Base
Leanne Goard Teaching Assistant - Resource Base
Gemma Caswell Teaching Assistant - Resource Base
Zoe Watkins Teaching Assistant - Resource Base
Deb Peters Teaching Assistant - Resource Base
Becky Brunsden Teaching Assistant - Resource Base
Sharon Prosper Teaching Assistant - Resource Base
Cher Jones Teaching Assistant - Resource Base
Julie Keeler Teaching Assistant - Reception
Emma Morne Teaching Assistant - Reception
Mollie Dunn Teaching Assistant - Reception
Laura Weekes Teaching Assistant - Year One
Ella Sedgeman Teaching Assistant - Year One
Claire Browne Teaching Assistant - Year One
Myli Shepherd Teaching Assistant - Year One
Janice Randall Teaching Assistant - Year Two
Deb Stagg Teaching Assistant - Year Three
Gill Catron Teaching Assistant - Year Three
Marcia Shepherd Teaching Assistant - Year Four
Pauline Warbutton Teaching Assistant - Year Four
Simona Broddle Teaching Assistant - Year Five
Rachel Thomas Teaching Assistant - Year Five
Michelle Bubb Teaching Assistant - Year Six
Michelle Mounsdon Stepping Stone Room
Karen Mohammed Stepping Stone Room