Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Our Learning Space

We are proud of our Nursery and work hard to ensure that the environment and activities available provide excitement and provoke interest in learning.

Children attending Oasis Academy Long Cross are able to explore and learn in our exciting outdoor area.  We have a multi level space with a range of learning opportunities such as gardening, water play, sand play, a performance area, mark making shed and a mud kitchen (don't worry, we have aprons!)

Inside you can find areas carefully set up to promote and provoke learning in all areas of the curriculum. Children have free access to small world and role play, mark making and creative activities, a book and reading space and a range of construction resources.  The activities in the environment are set up to either follow the children’s interests or to extend learning that they will start together with an adult.

We ensure that our learning environment is kept safe, clean and well maintained.  Each of the classrooms has its own child accessible toilets and changing facilities.