Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development (SMSC)

Our Vision: Children with the confidence and core skills to succeed and be the best they can be.

At Oasis Academy Long Cross we know how vital it is for your child to leave primary school with the very best skills and capabilities in English, Mathematics and other key subjects. We believe that in order to achieve this we need to support the development of key life skills, so that they are happy and confident individuals, ready for life's challenges.  It is important to us to prepare your children for life in the 21st century and this is why SMSC is at the heart of our curriculum.

To support Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development and ensure that every child leaves Oasis Academy Long Cross being the best that they can be, we use the following:

Personal, Social, Health and Economic education (PSHE) Curriculum

The Oasis Values are at the heart of our school curriculum and our PSHE curriculum has been developed with these as a focus.  Our PSHE curriculum and The Edge actively promote British Values; to see how please read our Promoting British Values document.

PSHE in our academy taught throughout our enquiry based curriculum as well as through discrete PSHE lessons and themed weeks.  Our PSHE curriculum is laid out in a two year programme to allow for a wider and deeper coverage of PSHE education and citizenship.  It is divided into twelve termly themes, six in year A and six and year B.  The focus in year A is mainly on personal and interpersonal relationships and health issues.  This is widened out in year B to include social and economic relationships, including international relationships. Where appropriate, classes are encouraged to explore a ‘big question’ that acts as a provocation for exploring, debating and challenging views and thinking linked to the Oasis and British Values.  These sessions draw upon key events and current affairs, where appropriate, in order to encourage children to offer theories, work collaboratively, use reason and think critically.

Themed weeks offer the opportunity to highlight and develop skills, knowledge and understanding around focused issues.  These are approached in an age appropriate manner and are personalised to the developmental stage of the class/year group.  Themed weeks include drug education, sex and relationships education, anti-bullying week, My Money and e-safety.

PSHE is also taught through cross curricular links, collective worship (often the theme for collective worship identifies, promotes and celebrates one of the Oasis and British values) and other activities or school events such as residential visits, enrichment activities, and special activities planned to allow the children to work together under different circumstances. A whole school approach is used to implement the framework.   Our Behaviour Policy has been developed with the aim of promoting children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.