Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

We continue to be a 'GOOD' school following our recent inspection

We continue to be a 'GOOD' school following our recent inspection

We're celebrating after being told Oasis Academy Long Cross continues to be a 'Good' school following our recent inspection.

‘Pupils enjoy school’ – Followng our recent visit, we have been praised by school inspectors Ofsted after receiving a glowing report.

Staff, pupils, and parents at Oasis Academy Long Cross, situated in Lawrence Weston, Bristol are celebrating as they continue to be a ‘Good’ school in all areas.

Highlights from the report include:

  • “Pupils feel safe and well looked after”
  • “Pupils are enthusiastic about learning to read, and they enjoy reading.”
  • “Leaders make sure that pupils get lots of opportunities to try new things.”
  • “The school provides a broad, balanced, and diverse curriculum for pupils.”
  • “The school’s phonics programme is well planned and gets pupils off to a good start in reading.”

“There is a well-structured curriculum in place in the school and in the resources base, to support pupils’ wider development.”

Oasis Academy Long Cross was previously inspected in September 2016 which was it’s first inspection since opening in January 2014 with the Oasis Community Learning family of academies where it was graded ‘Good’ across all areas.

Since their last report, in the last five years Ofsted have praised Oasis Academy Long Cross with the report saying; “Leaders make sure that pupils get lots of opportunities to try new things. Pupils enjoy a range of clubs from sports and chess to animal care and Cantonese. Leaders encourage pupils to be ‘change makers’ in areas that are important to them, such as the environment. The school’s careers events help pupils to learn about future job opportunities beyond their locality.”

Taking a look at the curriculum within the academy, Ofsted continue to say; “The reading programme extends beyond the teaching of phonics. Teachers select a wide range of books, poetry, plays and nonfiction that complement the wider curriculum. Older pupils enjoy reading. Leaders use assessment well to identify pupils who need additional support. ‘Priority readers’ receive appropriate support that is helping them to catch up.”

Karen Sheppard, Principal at Oasis Academy Long Cross, commented on the glowing report saying; “I am exceptionally proud of this report and would like to thank the children, staff, parents and members of the community who over the years have supported us on our continued journey to provide amazing education to the young people in our care.”

“We are particularly pleased that inspectors praised the opportunities we provide and support we offer through the rich and broad curriculum.”

Inspectors were impressed with the Special Educational Needs Department within the academy saying; “The special educational needs coordinator (SENCo) and inclusion leader work with teachers to identify needs at an early stage. Teachers are well trained and as a result, provide appropriate support for pupils with SEND. The school’s resource base has an ambitious curriculum that meets the needs of pupils.”