Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Specialist Resource Base Expansion Proposal

We're excited to share with you that Oasis Academy Long Cross has been working with Bristol City Council to plan an expansion of the Academy's Specialist Resource Base (SRB). In the past year, Bristol City Council approached us to increase our specialist provision due to the high regard with which it is held.

This expansion would see its capacity grow from 35 pupils to 50 and two new classrooms in addition to the current classrooms, along with other learning spaces, to be built. These would be positioned at the back of the Academy next to the current Specialist Resource Base (pictured below).

This is a great opportunity for Oasis Academy Long Cross. Firstly, it will allow 15 more children to experience our excellent provision, supporting our community and those most in need. Building two new classrooms would not only benefit new pupils, but our current pupils would have access to more learning spaces and our provision will become more personalised. 

At Oasis Academy Long Cross, we've always been proud of the way we interact with and serve our community. There is a need in our area that this expansion will help us tend to. After our positive Ofsted inspection in September 2021, now feels like the ideal time to build on the work we've done thus far and take the next step to serve our community in a more holistic way. 

We would only propose this expansion if we were sure that it wouldn't adversely affect the current setup at Long Cross and our current pupils' school lives.

At Long Cross we're blessed with expansive outdoor space. We feel the grounds would remain spacious and the other outdoor spaces largely unaffected. 

We will be in a consultation phase from the 31st October until the 31st November. If you have any queries or would like to know more, please drop in any time within this timeframe.